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Digital Video 


We at TechZone Networks are experts in the design, installation, and configuration of video surveillance systems required to meet your company’s needs. We provide video surveillance solutions for all types of business premises, large or small, and work with your budgets. We begin with an assessment of the client’s needs and assemble a complete strategy that will allow you to see what is happening at your place of business, whether you are onsite, at home…or halfway around the world.

Our security surveillance solutions are tools that help reduce crime and protect property and people. They also help to deter destruction of valuable information, revenue loss from stolen merchandise, and vandalism. Our world-class surveillance systems help protect what matters most to you.

TechZone Networks provides Network Video Recorder (NVR) equipment and advanced compression technology that make it possible to collect and retain video images for periods of a year or longer. Our video surveillance equipment connects online, making it possible for the client to view real-time and archived images of their premises using virtually any computer or mobile device. You will be able to keep an eye on your business from as far as the Internet can reach.

TechZone Networks furnishes video surveillance systems both individually and in conjunction with our access control and building automation services. Our designers are able to create an all-around security strategy that will give you the finest in available protection, and even more importantly, peace of mind.


Key Features:​

  • Security Cameras

    • Centrally managed- access and view from anywhere

    • HD Quality Streaming

    • Bi-directional mic

    • IR LED for day & night surveillance

    • Thermal Vision

    • Fish-eye- Panoramic Camera

    • Power over Ethernet

    • Up to 12 Megapixel Picture Quality

    • License plate recognition

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