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Access Control

A smarter way to protect property and staff with integrated Access Control solutions. Our access control systems provide the latest in security technology. On their most basic level, our systems make it possible for you to control who gains access to your business premises – and who doesn’t. We employ card, fingerprint, and sometimes even facial recognition technology to identify anyone attempting to enter your buildings or offices.


Our access control systems go several steps beyond mere card-keyed entry to a building. The system can control who has access to any part of your office, and it can control when they have that access. The system can be adjusted so that someone whose work hours are during the day won’t be able to enter your premises at night. Eliminating what has heretofore been a major security risk for many companies.


You are able to remotely administer and control access to not just one location, but multiple facilities, as well as manage and streamline security responsibilities. Access control provides information and authority to help run businesses more efficiently, which will increase bottom line as well as security.

TechZone knows that Access Control is an enterprise priority, and we are passionately committed to improving businesses and protecting people.


Access control features:


  • Provides a safe environment for all employees, contractors, and visitors using our comprehensive access control systems.

  • Identify who is in the building. Using Access control you can manage your facility and guest’s level of access and meet regulatory compliance objectives easily.

  • Control access to highly secure areas with solutions designed to protect your facilities requiring higher security, sensitive data, networks and critical or high-value assets

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